Financial Management

Financial Management – What Rich People Do in Those Economically Risky Times?


Financial management is something that most of the people don’t know how to do. Many people spend money they haven’t really earned, to buy things they don’t truly need or event want, to impress people that they don’t even like.














It suppose to be obvious that everyone should make some effort to create better future. Try to put some into savings and possibly eventually start to invest to multiply it. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done!

Most of the people in western world blow their money within few days after pay day and then they’re near enough to struggle until next pay day.


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Financial debt, cleared off credit cards, installments for the car, computer, tv, sofa and the mortgage on the top of it. And if people have more irresistible “must have” things then they go to the money shop to get small loans to pay it back in next 30 days with 30% interest rate.

No wonder that economics say that planet is in massive debt and statistic say that majority of average people have very little money put away or don’t have any savings.

How does it happen? Why it seems to be so difficult for most to change the wheel of fortune and start to create multiple sources of income instead of creating multiple sources of debt?

Well, the answer is not that complicated to figure out, I guess.


People have huge needs of materialistic possessions, but lack of knowledge on how to manage finances and how to properly earn, spend, save or invest etc.


Picture bellow shows basic wheel of financial intelligence.



Listed below are some tips for rich people, and they will help you look differently at the aspect of the financial management and will help you to go through any financial storms.

Financial management tip 1

The first and most important principle of financial management is never to rely on the single income stream. Always try to have at least two or even more sources of money. This completely changes they way you thinking about money. For instance, it means that if you loose your main job you will always have something that will pay your bills and put the food on the table.

So many people worry about their job, but on the other hand do not do very much regarding changing their situation and not trying to make something on the side. It is indeed crucial for your financial freedom.

A permanent job is never safe as there can be different, unexpected “twist” such as redundancy or other issues that corporation or company that you work for could come up with. 

More importantly having two or more income stream and not being dependent on your boss will dramatically boost your self-esteem.

Financial management tip 2

Regarding spending money, you should avoid buying things that you don’t really need. If you keep doing it, sooner or later you could end up selling things that you do need.

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Financial management tip 3

To start to make finally some savings you should not spend money what left after spending on bills, rent, food, etc. but you should try to spend a little amount of this what left after savings. Sound so obvious but seems to be so hard to accomplish for most.

Financial management tip 4

If you are about to get involved in something that will give you extra money or you want to start invest, go easy at the start. Never go into the investment with a full blast. Make all required assessments and as financial master Warren Buffet said “Never test the depth of the river with both feet”

Financial management tip 5 

Always be wise with your opportunity(ies) and never “put all eggs in one basket” because if something goes wrong and it would collapse you would end up with nothing.

Above tips are crucial to imply if you want to improve your financial management and boost the growth of your finances in general.

Diagram bellow shows a very interesting way how to expand financial capacity.




As you can see it all makes sense, and if you fallow those strategies step by step you’ll start to make more money, and you’ll enjoy living your life at entirely different standards.

Regularly overview your finances and make sure that you eliminate everything that has a bad impact on them. Always adapt appropriately to the changes and keep your eyes wide open and seek for safe opportunities.

If you like the idea of becoming the master at creating money and wealth, please feel free to see other related resources on this website. They will truly help you to understand money flow and become a finically successful person in no time.


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