Leadership Exposed – What are The Real Principles of Becoming Good Leader?


Before you are the leader success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader success is all about growing others.



Leadership is the process of becoming a great example for others!











Highly developed leadership skill are very desirable in today’s world. Once you become great leader, then possibilities for you are technically speaking,

More likely you won’t make a fortune by yourself or through regular work. You need spread your wings, be powerful and establish team made of others to achieve that. To lead people successful you have to have excellent leadership skills, and if you don’t have them, you need to acquire them.

Have you ever been thinking what the characteristics of those big leaders are?

What all of them have in common?

Here are the main principles of being good leader:

1. You need to know yourself and always try to be the best version of you

Sound so obvious, doesn’t it? But the truth is that most of the people don’t have a clue about themselves at all or very little if they do. Why does it matter? Because you need to know your weak points so then you’ll have the understanding on how to improve them.

The process of becoming a leader it’s an approach to reaching the greatness of your potential. When you are becoming the leader you expanding your mind and you the same empower your personality impressively!

2. Be an expert in strategical, technical and tactical matters.

You need to know your stuff well if you want to be a really good leader. Why? Because you need to see your project in the big picture and know exactly where it is going. This will allow you to plan and imply a very specific strategy and sequence of actions for yourself and your team.

3. Develop a sense of responsibility among your team.

If you want to see real results that will satisfy you and impress others you should make sure that your team is staying laser focused. Every member needs to know what is his role and what tasks is responsible for. What will it bring you back in return? Company or project that you represent will be correctly structured. It will be like one well-synchronised machine where every part does its job perfectly.

5. Be like a walking example.

You need to set a standard for the team. It can be only achieved by setting your own standards. As higher and better they are, as better for your business. Why is it so important? Your team members will be looking for support and advice from you, so you make sure that you do know your stuff.

6. Know your team and make sure they enjoy working with you.

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If you really want to know how to talk to your team make sure that you know much about them first. Spend enough time to understand every individual’s personality. After that, you’ll be able to interact better with and influence them, and your company will benefit from it in a longer run.

Also, make sure that your folks respect you and at don’t dislike you. Why would you need that for? Why would you care if your team or staff likes you if their role is to accomplish your orders? Because you need to come across as “fair” person at least, and the best way is if they like you personally.

If you would be authoritarian only and you would look at your team as the lower class citizens, you would have them set against you sooner or later! And there is nothing worse than the toxic working environment, and you would loose on that in a longer run.

7. Keep your team informed.

Don’t make your big plans top secret. As a good leader, you need to assure that your team knows exactly the direction that the boat is going to. This will help them to understand it better and see a big picture, which will result in greater focus. So, share with your team as much information as you are allowed and you can.

8. Seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions.

Avoid situations where there would be nobodies fault if something goes wrong. Every member should know exactly what is responsible for. You also be responsible for your actions. Why should you? Because again,  remember that you are the example for them. A good leader doesn’t expect from the team something that he doesn’t or wouldn’t do himself!

9. Ensure assigned tasks are understood, supervised and accomplished.

Do not assume that everyone understands what you say and what he/she needs to do. Take time to explain everything to every person involved so there will be no confusion and frustration. It will allow you to boost the efficiency of the teamwork.

10. Train your staff to work as a team.

Try to avoid that people will have individual work in the team. Every member is a part of a bigger mechanism. The sense of unity gives people a psychological boost. It will allow them to work much better, when they know that they can rely on each other, and they are agreeably dependent on each other in a certain way.

11. Employ your team members in accordance with their capabilities 

Don’t assume that everyone should be the same, because the are not! Everyone is different, has different learning style and different way of doing things. Consider it while allocating the tasks. That’s why is so important knowing the members, which was mentioned above.

So, that would be most important tips to remember about if you want to skyrocket your leaderships skills and finally see that your team is making massive progress.

Mind map bellow shows another few aspects of leadership that are useful in the process of becoming a good leader.



Those eight tips will positively transform the way you lead your team!


Remember, leaderships is the processor of becoming. You don’t have to be a good leader to start, but you have to start and practice those skills to finally be a good leader.

Remember the fact that your credibility as a leader relies on a lot of your own actions: the way you interact with your family, mates, and colleagues; your approach to managing your personal life and your self-organisation. Keep in mind that continuously repeated actions turn into habits. And if you want to be as best as possible, become a continuous learner.

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