Persuasion – How to Win Friends and Influence People?



Persuasion is the art of making people be your followers. Force is the way to make people be your enemy.












Don’t you just get hopping mad every time you give a kick-ass sales presentation and your prospect still won’t buy a thing from you?

Do you feel paralyzed by the fear of rejection every time you have to ask that cruel prospect for the sale?

Persuasion is the most effective way to make people whatever you want them to do. It’s the science based on the principles of psychology. It’s just the way of influencing our mind certain way to make us think particular way accordingly to the desire of influencing person.


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Just as nuclear power can be used to produce electrical energy, persuasion can be used to manipulate the masses.

It is all about the intentions of the person who is using its principles. Some individuals want to succeed at any price, utilizing any available methods consisting abuse of the laws of persuasion. 

Such people use very unethical approaches, and they are willing to apply “dirty tactics” such as making others feel ashamed, brutality, scarcity, temptations and many other unfair strategies to achieve their goals.

However, when used correctly, persuasion is a valuable tool which can help to be powerful and succeed in many different circumstances where communication is involved. With the implication of rules of persuasion, we can develop peaceful agreements, promote fund-raising efforts, as well as encourage motorists to slow down. Persuasion also allows the coach to motivate his players to win the game. Generally speaking, it’s being used quite a lot in different areas of life.

Moreover, persuasive techniques are being used by health services to encourage people to do all sorts medical tests, managers use it to improve employees performance, and also mediators use it to convince offenders to free out their hostages.

The number of areas of life where persuasion can be used is technically endless…

On the picture below are shown most common strategies that are being used to be persuasive and influence people.



As you can see, there are six mains ways of making people think the way you wish.

Reciprocity works the way that when you give something to someone, he will feel obliged to compensate it back to you somehow.

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Scarcity is about applying fear to persuade someone to certain idea or action. Fear is a very strong motivator and when people are afraid of something they are more likely to take and action to avoid the consequences of i.e. not taking action.

Authority when people perceive you as an expert who is a right man in this what you come across with. This is highly possible then that you not going to have difficult times to make them believe you in this what you say or do.

Consistency is a strategy which says that people are more likely to follow the trend of their initial action or opinion. By saying this in different words, it means that if you somebody will do certain action once he will very possibly do another step in this direction. People like to be seen as someone who stands up to own initial opinion.

Liking is about making people to like you. We are the beings who tend to do easily do favours to people who we like when they ask us for something.

Consensus says that when people need to make some decision they tend to rely on the judgments of those who are around them. We tend to check what would our family, friends, neighbours, etc. said or did if the had the same decision to make.

It is sort need of social approval, and a good example of it would be statistics or testimony. As the famous psychologist, Robert Cialdini said: “We decide what we should do by looking at what others like us do in that situation”.

If you would like to become a master in persuasion and you are willing to benefit from using its principles, please feel free to check out other resources on this website as they will help you to change completely the way you communicate with people, and the same achieve goals that you wish.

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