An example of an orgonite pendant.

Orgonite is a device generating esoteric energy, and it’s usually made of metal shavings, crystal quartz, and resin. Orgonite energizes living organism’s energy field called Aura and helps to defend from harmful electromagnetic radiation and negative energies. Orgonite can also improve physical and emotional health, and enhance spirituality.

On this page and other pages from this section, you will discover in-depth information on the subjects such as what is orgonite, how orgonite works, what are the general orgonite benefits, what are orgonite health benefits, how to choose right orgonite pendant and how orgonite pyramid can protect you and your home.

 Dr. Wilhelm Reich born in Austria psychoanalyst, studied orgone energy, which is known as kundalini or prana under other names, and he came up with this breakthrough idea about orgonite for the first time in 1930.

All orgonite devices that are available today are created basing on the principles of his discoveries.

While Dr. Reich was conducting his scientific researches, he realized that organic components draw in and keep orgone energy, while non organic metals attract and generate the energy at the same time.

The way of how orgonite works is based on those two principles. It is simply a 1:1 ratio mix of liquid plastic resin as an organic component because it is made of petrochemicals and metal swarf as a non-organic component.

A quartz crystal stone is usually also added to the orgonite mix because of its piezoelectric features.

By saying this in different words, it means that quartz generates kind of an electric charge when it is put under strong enough squeeze, and it has a place because plastic resin decreases its capacity when it’s cured and hard.



This picture shows how crystal quartz produces a piezoelectric charge.

As the result of that, all three elements of orgonite, organic resin, non organic metals, and quartz, combined together force the energy to the very specific behaviour and motion which in result causes endless and continuous creation of orgone energy.

Additionally, a transformation of inactive deadly orgone energy into vibrant, healthy and balanced life force has a place during this process as well.

To make orgonite more sophisticated device, makers of it put in it usually, other crystals which intensify final effects of it.
It can be any crystal or crystals that person wishes to have in the device, and usually type of crystal is chosen by its properties and the purpose that orgonite is created for.

Crystals have been used for a long time in alternative healing, and the purpose that people put them in the orgone generating device is exactly the same.

For example, if someone wishes to attract more abundance in his/her life then citrine or tiger’s eye crystal would be a right choice.
If someone wants to attract more love, and improve his/her relationships with other, then for example green jade or pink quartz would be great crystal to use.

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Orgonite Pendant for balancing chakras and attracting good luck.


Powers of crystals in orgonite are additionally intensified multiple times comparing to “naked” crystals.


What exactly are the benefits of using orgonite?

The benefits of orgonite that people experience are usually very similar however timing of experiencing them can be different for every person.

A lot of people can sense the energy instantly as subtle, comfortable or warm feeling and those people would usually feel quickly that more vital energy is flowing through their body.

And on the other hand, other people who are less sensitive to the energies they would usually feel effects of the orgonite that are building up over the time and they would experience orgonite benefits slowly but surely as well.


Here are some examples of orgonite benefits that people frequently report after using it for some time:

★ Increased vital energy level.

★ More motivation and less procrastination.

★ Enhanced cognitive performance.

★ Better resistance to the stress.

★ Improvement of the immune system and better resistance to health related issues.

★ Improved sleep pattern and vivid dreams. Quite common is also the development of ability to lucid dreaming.

★ Enhancement of spirituality and psychic abilities.

★ Better experience of meditation and relaxation.

★ Improvement of mental abilities such as visualization and creativity.

★ Constant protection from negative energies.


There are also other than personal aura charging purposes of the orgonite that people use it for, such as:

★ Acceleration and improvement of home and garden plants.

★ Clearing the house, office or studio from negative energies, species, and unfavorable energies.

★ Blocking and transforming artificial electromagnetic radiation from devices such as Wi-Fi routers, microwaves, radio waves, Bluetooth devices Improve home plants growth.

★ Dissolving the chemtrails left by the planes in the sky.

★ Charging food and water with life force.


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