How Does Orgonite Work


Principle of how orgone generator works.


Orgonite is a simple but advanced and powerful device that generates life energy, and it is made of quartz crystal, metal shaving or metal powder and resin. Orgonite can protect you from harmful energies, electromagnetic radiation and also can help you to improve your health, your emotional and spiritual life by enhancing your physical energy field called an aura.

Because of the way how orgonite works, it can change your life faster than anything else out there.

This knowledge has been kept secrets from people for decades, but it has survived and evolved thanks to the small group of insiders who were developing it in underground laboratories.

Orgone and Orgonite are one of those subjects that very little people know about, but in reality, everyone should be aware of it.

Having an orgonite device is like having personal healing tool, that wonderfully benefits your mind, body, and spirit and additionally protect you from electromagnetic radiation that we are exposed to nearly everywhere in these modern days full of hi-tech.


What is orgone energy, what is orgonite and how it was invented?


It’s a fascinating story…

Orgonite is the device that absorbs harmful energy from the environment and converts it into positive that is beneficial for all living organisms.
To understand how does it work, we need first to clarify what the orgone is.

The term orgonite comes from word “orgone” which was originally proposed by Wilhelm Reich – Austrian psychoanalyst and physicist in 1930. Orgone is so-called “esoteric energy” that surrounds us and is present everywhere in the Universe, and everything is made of it.

Different beliefs systems have different names for it, and more likely you’ve already heard terms such as Prana, Chi, Kundalini, etc.



And that exactly what the orgone is and how does orgone work. It’s just Reich’s name for it.

Reich was one of the Sigmund Freuds’ students, and he was involved in studies related sex, sexual dysfunctions, and he also was giving sexual education to his students in early years of his scientific career.

He believed that an orgasm is a form of “electric” discharge, and he was developing (quite rightly) this idea for many years. He noticed that everything that exists emits a certain type of blue – glowing energy, and he named it after his initial field of interest “org(asm)one.”

Every living organism is created from orgone and orgone is crucial for the organism to stay alive and healthy.

After years of experiments, Reich observed that orgone could be artificially produced, and the device that can do it was named orgonite.

Moreover, this device can not only generate life force, but it can also wonderfully absorb harmful counterpart of an electromagnetic field produced by electric/electronic devices and convert it into the life force as well.


Another fascinating fact that Reich discovered is that this energy can also neutralize nuclear radiation!


Orgone movement had its peak in the history and Reich proved that orgonite uses are literally endless and orgonite devices are so powerful that they are even able to help a human body to recover from serious diseases, even such as cancer.

Reich had a lot of evidence that this approach indeed works and in the 1940s and 1950s, many people truly appreciated orgonite benefits from this incredible technology.

Because Reich and his inventions started to be famous and every year he had more and more followers who understood orgonite health benefits, he drew the attention of FDA agents and pharmaceutical giants.

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They were afraid of it as it could potentially put them out of the business so they initiated anti-Reich and anti-orgone propaganda and they eventually managed to put the scientist and his first assistant to the prison.

Reich died there after eight months and his assistant committed to the suicide some time after that. Most of Reich’s experimental documentations had been destroyed, and his books had been removed from the bookstore’s shelves.



It makes you wonder, why they destroyed something that was so powerful, easy to make and could potentially be the breakthrough in an entire medical industry…

Doesn’t it?

But, thankfully for all of us, some notes were never found, and Reich’s students involved in the movement that weren’t imprisoned.

And because of them, we can gratefully know about it and apply this miraculous technology today again.


How does orgonite work?

The way that orgone generating device works is very simple and it needs only a few components in order to do a proper job, such as clear quartz crystal, metal shavings or powder, and resin.

These components combined in a small dimension create a powerful energetical Matrix that absorbs from the environment harmful radiation and converts it into the life force.

Orgone Device Matrix can absorb DOR and convert it into POR.

When crystals are squeezed in cured plastic substance they send off a certain electric charge that is beneficial and then metal shavings intensify this effect by extending this electric wave radiant in significant degree. 

There can also be added different types of crystals as it makes orgonite more sophisticated device.

It’s well-known fact that using crystals have many benefits accordingly to the crystal properties. Using crystals in orgonite intensifies the strength of their properties by multiple times.

Orgonite makes wonders by protecting your personal energy so it can serve you well and by making your personal environment friendly for you as a living organism.

Do you start to realize how important role orgonite can play in the process of guarding yourself against environmental radiation?

There are types of crystal stones such as Turmaline that serve this kind of job but orgonite has much more power as crystals are only part of their components they are made of.

Types of orgone energy.
There are a couple of types of orgone energy: OR as neutral orgone, POR as positive orgone energy which maintains life and enables all living organism to remain healthy and DOR as deadly orgone energy.
This last one is generated by previously mentioned “electro” gadgets.

This type of the energy can also be generated by negative, destructive emotions.

DOR type of energy can be very destructive for living organism. If it stays in the system for a longer period and it is not being released or balanced with POR, it can seriously disturb the natural flow of the energy within the organism and can even further create an energetical blockage.

If the living being remains in such state, it can lead to mental health problems, serious physical health complications or even death.

The Universe expands all the time and energy flows in it continuously. And the same was is designed human body. That energy within it has to flow all the time freely, and if the flow becomes disturbed or blocked then, this imbalance can put life at risk.

For example, if people are not controlling their (negative) emotions, and they are not able to release them from the system then at some point it can cause firstly mental health problems, then physical health complications and moreover conflicts with other.

We tend to name such people “toxic”. It is also easy to notice that these type of people have a much weaker immune system and the tend to get sick more often.

It’s scientifically proven fact that stress, fear, and anger which are the most destructive emotions can lead to nasty consequences in health if suppressed.


Negative emotions and effects that they have on our health.

I’m pretty sure you agree with me here.
Aren’t you?

We truly need POR type of orgone to stay well, balanced and happy.

As energetical – vibrational beings surrounded by a modern environment, we are almost always exposed to different forms of DOR type of orgone.

Radio waves, mobile networks, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, microwaves, air pollution, etc. they all have a direct impact on our etheric energy – our Aura, which is directly linked to our physical body.

We don’t see those waves, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t affect us. It’s been already proven by scientists that all of those waves can cause all sorts of serious diseases including cancer.
Ignoring and neglecting taking care of that in today world is not wise at all!

Nowadays we are being obsessed with buying all sorts of gadgets, but we don’t pay much attention to protecting ourselves from negative impact that those gadgets have on us.

Here is an example of how many things are “bombarding” us with harmful radiation on a daily basis. 


This picture shows just a few sources of (DOR) deadly orgone radiation that surrounds us in everyday life in our environment .


This is truly shocking how significant impact dealy orgone radiation have on us.


Medical statistics confirm that more and more people start to suffer from things such as cancer as the result of being exposed to those bad radiations.

We are energetical – vibrational beings and vibrations and energies that we are surrounded by have tremendous meaning for us! Period.

And that’s, where the orgonite devices come into place, as they can absorb all that bad energy and convert it into POR type of orgone.
By saying this in different words, orgonite device picks up all this harmful radiation and converts into life force.

Types of orgone generator.

Many forms of orgonite devices can be used in everyday life. Probably the most common one is orgonite pendant as it is a personal thing that can have with you all the time and it will keep you optimally charged, and protected from harmful radiation when you out and about.


Second common type is orgonite pyramid or similar type of shapes that can be placed around the house and convert all negative vibrations into life force.

Other popular forms are tower busters that are perfect for putting around the garden and neighborhood. They are very famous for neutralizing radiation of telephone towers or massive aerials that we can see nearly everywhere these days.

Next form of orgonite device is cloud buster which is very handy tool for pushing away Chemtrails from above your house. If you look at the sky, you’ll notice that here are plenty lines on it left by the planes. They’re called chemtrails, and there is a lot of rumor that they are full of toxins which are very poisonous for the human body.

Another form of orgonite device is charging plate. These are used by many to cleanse and positively charge food and water. These can also be used in gardening, as once they put into the soil, they accelerate the growth of healthy vegetables.

There are also other devices such as orgone energy accumulator, which is the kind of box that person goes inside of it for a period of time on a daily basis to charge his/her body and initiate a healing process.

If you still wondering why you should be getting some orgonite devices for yourself, here is the quick answer.

Orgonite device is like energy converter generator that will work freely at all times without any additional effort from your side. It will enhance your life in many aspects and will keep your living space and your personal batteries optimally charged.



Furthermore, it will improve your physical and mental health and will keep your personal environment radiation free.

Orgonite will also boost your cognitive performance, keep your motivation on a much higher level and will make you procrastination free person.
It will literally fix you to the roots of your DNA.

Once you start to wear orgonite pendant, and you’ll surround yours living and working space with other orgonite devices, you’ll start to see a difference in the short period of time without a doubt.

How to program orgonite and how to use it?

Some orgonite don’t need any programming at all as they have one purpose only such as converting DOR into POR type of orgone.

However a personal device such as pendant I would advise to get programmed as then their fulfill their function much better!

It’s quite a simple thing to do you just need to program it the same way as you would program your crystals so it will serve you to its full potential.

If you don’t know how to program your crystals, then there are only a few steps that you need to do.

First, you need to take few deep breaths, clear mind and focus fully on your orgonite only asking The Creator, The Universe for giving your device such and such properties so it can support you with “a such and such thing.”

I mean don’t say and don’t imagine such and such thing literally but think and talk about the thing you desire. lol.

Then imagine that beautiful energy full of love goes from all directions to your device, and it becomes vibrant, living attractor and projector full of energy that you are asking for.


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Make sure that it is always something positive and it won’t harm anybody. Don’t be using your orgonite to revenge, to have powers to do nasty things to others. It will come back to you, and you’ll have face consequences anyway.

Also always choose your orgonite accordingly to your needs. Make sure that orgonite has crystals in it that properties are associated with areas of life that you want to improve.

It doesn’t make any sense to buy orgonite for root chakra and expect from it that it will make you very spiritual person.
Do you know what I mean?

In my opinion, the person who creates orgonite for other people shouldn’t be programming them. An individual who creates can only have positive intentions associated with the purpose of the device which should be associated with properties of crystals used to create it.

But he/she should program someone’s orgonite as everyone is individual and has different needs and desires.
And once new owner programs device accordingly to his/her wishes then it will serve the best job.

It is the will of a person who is receiving the orgonite to decide what specifically orgonite needs to support this person with.

If for any reason you make a decision that you wish not to program your orgonite then don’t worry too much about it.
Orgonite doesn’t really need to be programmed as it will work anyway.

But if there are some other then clear quartz crystals in it then it would be better if it was programmed accordingly to their properties as the then device will have clear instructions what you are expecting from it.

Clear Quartz is the main crystal in the orgone device as it plays the role of the energy converter, and it’s also a universal stone that you can program for any purpose that you wish.

I personally also like to add a piece of Kyanite and Selenite to every each device that I make as these two keep other crystals energetically clean and resistant to energetical pollution.

If you deal with crystals, you understand that they need to be sometimes cleaned. In orgonite it is impossible to reach them, and that’s why I like to put in two mentioned above stones. As that’s what they do, they cleanse other stones and keep them safe.

Metals used in orgonite.


This picture shows examples of metals shavings and metal powders that can be used for creation of orgone generating device.

Regarding properties of the metals applied in orgonite they obviously have beneficial features as well.

I use different metals for different devices.

For example, when making pendants, I mainly use copper, titanium and pure gold flakes as all of those metals have been scientifically proven as beneficial for health.

Gold is a good healer in general, copper has been used for millenniums as healing metal and titanium is being used for body parts replacements.

For other devices, I would also use aluminum as its energy is more radiant and it’s great for cleansing the house and garden from bad energies.

Another two that I like to use is steel for some devices as I like the type of energy it gives and bismuth as in the alchemy it is considered as the most diamagnetic metal that exists.

It means that in the orgonite it will increase radiant of its work, and it will give the orgonite extra power. Healing with Magnets has been proven as affective as well.

But, there are no bad or good metals really…

As the majority of orgonite crafters agreeably say that every metal that you have in stock is good enough.

Orgonite benefits:

☑️ It’ll offer you steady and endless injection of energy that may help you deal with daily issues, stress etc.

☑️ It’ll keep your chakras balanced and enhance your spirituality

☑️ It’ll protect you and your environment that you live in from harmful electromagnetic radiation generated by all the “electro” devices and gadgets that you have in your house.

☑️ It’ll allow you to recover from undesirable physical health issues that you might experience.

☑️ It’ll help you to stay mentally well, balanced and more resistant to stress.

☑️ It’ll enable you to keep your motivation on the nice level and help you to fight procrastination.

☑️ It’ll give you extra powers to take action towards your goals.

☑️ It’ll increase your disease fighting capability and will keep your immune system strong and will give extra protection from harmful energies and viruses.

☑️ It’ll increase your cognitive performance.

☑️ It’ll boost your self-confidence.

☑️ It’ll attract more love, wealth, and positive vibes into your reality.

☑️ It’ll protect your environment from bad spirits.

☑️ And much, much more…


How long does it take until orgonite will start to work?

Orgonite does its jobs immediately. It will start to give you energy charge and protect you from EMF radiation once you start to wear it or place it close to you.

Regarding using the orgonite to more advanced tasks such as acceleration of achieving goals, wealth, love, etc. it is also still partly dependent on you.

The key point is that you need to align your device and your goal, wish, etc. have faith in it.
You also need to maintain your personal vibrations, feelings, and visions accordingly to the desired goal.

However having orgonite that is designed for specific purpose and has crystal appropriate to that, will speed up everything very much compare to this as it would be without it.

If you still reading this text, then you probably started to realize by now, that having orgonite gadgets in your house and wearing orgonite pendant are necessary if you think about your well being and success seriously.

If you would like to start protecting yourself and your loved once and you are looking orgonite pendants, then please feel free to visit my shop as you will find there many different types of orgone pendant and other types of orgonite supplies.

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