Orgonite Benefits Overview


The Power of Orgonite Benefits is So Immense That It Can Transform You in Entirely Different Person!

Have you ever wondered what would be like if your vital energy level was at an excellent level at all times and you would have so much motivation to do all the things you always wanted.

If you came across this article that you have probably already heard about orgonite benefits and I can tell you only one thing, that you really shouldn’t ignore getting more knowledge on the subject as there are no words strong enough to highlight the importance of surrounding yourself and your home with orgonite.

Before you’ll discover all the awesome things that orgonite can do for you in your life and as well about orgonite health benefits that you can take advantage of, let me share with you quickly short story…

It all happened around 2010 when I read first an article about orgone generating technology and orgonite in general.
I knew at that point quite a lot about techniques of raising energy that we call Chi, Kundalini, Prana, etc. because of my profession and my field of interest that I’ve been obsessively researching and studying since 1997. 

I must admit that in 2010 I had a knowledge and skills to put myself technically into every state of mind that I wanted, and I was also able to recharge my mental and physical batteries within approximately 30 minutes by performing Zen meditation. It always worked and it still does, as meditation is my daily routine.

But, everything changed for the better when I started to realize how does orgone work, what is orgonite and began to experience orgonite benefits…

Well, I knew rightly what is orgone energy as it was just different name for the same thing (Chi, Prana, Kundalini).


But, the orgonite technology…

Hmm…, this was an entirely different cup of tea.

The thought about having personal orgonite device that will give me constant charge and devices that will protect my entire house from a harmful electromagnetic field and will work as a never-ending source of life force was for me literally jaw dropping.

I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to put my hands on it. What I did do I went on eBay, and I bought one of the pendants that I found within the listings. After few days my so awaited parcel was put in through my letter box by the postman, and I finally was able to put in on my neck.

And I waited when orgonite benefits will be revealed to me…

Do you want to know what I’ve experienced?


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Yes, I know you are probably “slightly” disappointed at this very moment when reading this.


Do you wonder how come that magic orgonite crystals didn’t work for me?
Is orgonite a scam?

Well, it took me a couple of days to fully understand what was wrong with my brand new orgonite necklace.

I’ve read so much about people who bought before me orgonite pendants, and pretty much all of them were so delighted with theirs, and they sounded like they were blessed with their purchases.

So, it wouldn’t give me peace until I found why my awaited personal device didn’t work, and I continued researchers, but this time I dived deeper into the direction how to do orgonite by myself.

And finally, I had my aha moment…

I was finally enlightened. lol

What I realized then, was the fact the person who was selling orgonite pendants on eBay wasn’t making them right. There were nearly no metal shaving and no crystals in it. Just a few tiny pieces of stones and few particles of something that looked like steel filings. But dimensions of the pendant where huge compare to content of it

And that’s what it was.
I bought a nearly useless piece of plastic that components in it were completely not proportional.

There was a discussion on the internet forum and orgone devices veterans on it said clearly that I need a device that has around 50% of shaving and 50% of resin and at least good piece of crystal. That’s the recipe for properly working device that will let you experience fully its benefits.

Do you know what I did?

I kept calm and I’ve learned how to make orgonite! lol


And then, I bought all the components, and for the first time I made my own pendant.
It maybe wasn’t the most beautiful pendant on the planet but I knew pretty quickly that It works.

As I’m energy sensitive person I felt right away something. I knew that this device is generating some energy. And within few hours I felt more alert, more productive and vital energy was flowing through my veins like crazy.

And let me reassure you that I’m not exaggerating here as I also bought orgone energy meter so I could see how I’m getting on with my creations.

I compared both pendants and mine was 15 times stronger.

The reading for the pendant I bought was around 60 x 103 Ions and mine wasnearly 1000 x 103 Ions.

It was indeed giving me a nice injection of the energy, and I was finally able to say that I feel orgonite benefits.

But it wasn’t only that I felt only more power in my system and nothing else. Many things started to change for the better in my life magically.

I found the new partner in my life (as I was previously dumped) and she appeared to be the right one who is the mother of my wonderful son today.

I got a promotion at my job, and I was transferred to the mental health facility that I always wanted to work in.

I finally accomplished my first book, I published it and I started to generate extra income online, which gradually transformed into my full-time occupation.

I changed the car to 1-year-old Mercedes that I had on my vision board for some time.
I changed the house to the one that has two gardens, stand alone garage and has extra room for my studio.

I overcame all the health issues that were with me for a long time and my immune system became much stronger.

And moreover I felt mentally much stronger, and I had significantly more optimism in me and much less stress and near to nothing anxiety about the life and the future.

And many more positive things manifested in my life since I started to wear my orgonite pendant.
And don’t get me wrong I didn’t just put the pendant on and waited when everything will fall from the heaven for me.

Oh no, I worked very hard for all of it, but since I started to surround myself with orgonite everything began to be different. All the pieces of my life puzzles stated magically fall int places.

And no matter what skeptics would say I know one thing, It was all in big part orgonite benefits that came true in my life. I know how my life looked before I had orgonite and after.

There is truly no comparison.


Just to give you an idea, here is a sneak peak of just a few benefits that you’ll be experiencing once you have a piece of this beauty that was given to us be “the Creator” throughout the ingenious mind and creativity of Mr. William Reich – the initiator of this mind blowing orgone technology.

Orgonite Benefits:

✪ You’ll have constant boost of vital energy that will nice charge to your system

✪ Your immune system will get gradually stronger, and you will fell much healthier

✪ You’ll become more optimistic, and you’ll be able to cope with stress much easier

✪ You’ll be protected from environmental harmful electromagnetic radiation generated by mobile phones, Wi-Fi and other gadgets that we are surrounded by tin today’s world

✪ You’ll have protection from bad energies and bad spirits as your personal aura will get much stronger

✪ You’ll have much more motivation to take action to make your dreams come true

✪ You’ll experience cognitive performance enhancement, and your brain will start to function much better

✪ Your sleep pattern will improve and very likely you’ll start to experience lucid dreaming

✪ You’ll very likely develop you psychic abilities

✪ You’ll start to experience more happiness in your life, good luck, and things that you always wanted will begin to manifest

✪ and much, much more.

All of these orgonite benefits were noticed by people who have been using orgonite for a while and by me personally as well.

I always wear my orgonite pendant and have plenty of orgonite devices around the house and property, and so are all the people who started their journey with it.

So, if you still thinking if you should get yourself piece of this wonder or not, let me tell you that you really shouldn’t let it pass you by. I could seriously write about orgonite benefits all day long, and it wouldn’t probably be enough. Everyone should have it and experience it by himself.


The power of orgone energy is magical, and orgonite benefits are technically endless…

If you’re willing to have more vital energy, be protected from radiation that is all around us and start to see how your life is changing for the better, then I would like to invite you to visit my shop as you’ll find there many super advanced orgonite pendants and many other things that’ll give you more orgone power in your life.

You’ll be truly delighted later that you did it. 

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Best Wishes
Marcin 🙂

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