Orgonite Health Benefits


Orgonite health benefits are priceless, and they shouldn’t be ignored by anybody as orgone energy can truly help every alive being!

Are you looking for a solution that would help you to solve your health problems and would make you feel better once and for good?

If yes, then read on because you’re about to discover how orgonite can improve your health fast and easy.

Orgonite health benefits are well known for quite a long time, and there is no doubt that the orgonite technology works. For instance, people who wear orgonite pendant repeatedly report that they experience increased vital energy level, better immunity, more good luck and overall happiness. 
Before I move on to a detailed explanation of orgonite health benefits, let me explain quickly what is orgonite.

The simplest explanation for this question is the statement that this is a device that produces orgone energy. Orgone energy is nothing else than life force that has ascribed different names within different beliefs system. Other names for orgone energy that more likely you have heard of are Prana, Kundalini, Chi, etc.

So, it is basically cosmic energy that we people, our planet, and entire Universe are made of.

That’s quite simple, isn’t it?

Ok, so since we have clarified what is orgonite now we can move on to orgonite health benefits.

So, what are those mysterious orgonite health benefits that “apparently” help so many people?

The answer is that there is no end of these!
I seriously mean it, and it has been scientifically proven that this alternative treatment really work.

If you want to understand why there is so much rumor about orgonite benefits, then firstly you need to understand how does orgonite work?

This is again very simple principle.

Few components such as healing crystals, metal shavings, and resin “squeezed” together in small dimension are forced to create a powerful energy that can protect from electromagnetic radiation and help to recover from sickness every organism.

This in no secret that people have been using crystals for healing since ancient times, and neither is the secret that metals have used for the same purpose as well.

I’m pretty sure you are aware of that.
Aren’t you?

So, the base of every orgonite device, for example, orgonite pendant, is clear quartz which is known as a master healer and can be used technically for any health problems at all.

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I hope, that’s clear as quartz, lol.

Ok, but how can it be used in a more advanced manner and what other orgonite health benefits can there be?

Well, it depends on what type of health issues you want to solve and type of the orgonite that you choose for it.

Human being possesses nonphysical organs called “chakras” which are aligned along the body.

There are basic seven chakras and the go from the bottom of your spine to the top of your head, and they are as follow:
1. Root chakra

2. Sacral chakra

3. Solar plexus chakra

4. Heart chakra

5. Throat chakra

6. Third eye chakra

7. Crown chakra
Every chakra is strictly related to the specific area of your body and specific internal organs.

Please see the picture bellow to see a detailed map of chakras – physical body connection.

humans' main chakras system
As you can see, every chakra is responsible for something else.


But you might wonder how does it relates to the orgonite health benefits if there are so many chakras?

The answer is that it relates the same way as healing crystals do.
If you would want to perform healing with crystals, then you would have to choose specific crystals for specific chakras.

And likewise with orgonite.

If you want to heal specific part of your body, then you need to know which chakra is responsible for it and then pick the orgonite that contents this type of crystal inside.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with using orgonite that contents only clear quartz in it for any purpose at all, but if you want advanced device then is better to go for orgonite that has clear quartz and crystals assigned to this specific chakras.

This gives a specific type of energy that is strictly related to organs that you want to treat, which is, of course, more beneficial for it.

You need to be aware of the fact that every illness a manifestation of the imbalance within your energetical body. It means that if specific chakra is out of order and it is not balanced for a period of time, then it leads to specific psychological, and physical complications that are assigned to imbalance within this chakra.

If you want to heal your body, then you need to heal your spirit first. Medications suppress the symptoms, but it’s very unlikely that they will solve the root of the problem if you are not going to change your energetical state and get your chakras balanced.

By no any mean I’m not trying to discourage you from taking your medications.

Absolutely not!

I’m trying to encourage you to take care of your spirit as it will support your physical recovery and if you’ll get energetically strong enough then very likely that you are not going to need you physical medications anymore.

How to recognize right crystals for specific chakras and how to choose appropriate orgonite.
Please see the picture below to learn more about healing crystals and their properties.

So, following that, if you want orgonite device that will support you with recovery from root chakra imbalance then you need for example orgonite necklace that will have crystals such as red jasper or/and hematite inside of it.

If you want to fix your sacral chakra, then you need orgonite necklace that has citrine or/and tigers’ eye inside.

If you need help for the solar plexus, then you need orgonite necklace with orange carnelian or/and amber.

When the heart chakra is out of order then orgonite pendant with green aventurine or/and, pink quartz will be great for it.

If the throat chakra needs to be aligned then, orgonite necklace with turquoise or/and solodite will do the job.

If the third eye chakra needs to be aligned then, orgonite necklace with lapis lazuli or/and amethyst will help you with it.

If the crown chakra needs your attention, then orgonite pendants with purple quartz or/and moonstone are perfect for it.

If you are thinking seriously about your spiritual and physical well-being, then it is worth to consider to have orgonite necklace for every each chakra or have full orgonite chakras set and use it for example once a week for healing meditation.


It is good practice to lay down and place appropriate orgonite on the top or underneath or body along the spine accordingly to the chakras.

So as you can see orgonite health benefits are truly priceless, and orgonite benefits in general, are endless.

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Best Regards 
Marcin 🙂

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