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orgone pyramid - orgonite pyramid with a square mirror base that changes color

This is an example of orgonite pyramid lamp.

The 7 Secrets About Orgonite Pyramid Only A Handful Of People Know. 

If wonder why you should have a orgonite pyramid in your home, then you are about to discover shocking facts about the environment that we all live in nova days.

Did you know that an average household has at least seven different types of radiation sources that affect every living species that is living in it?

For instance, if you are reading this it means that you are now more likely either connected up to the Wi – Fi router or you are streaming the Internet from the mobile network. In both cases, these waves are very harmful to your spirit and your body.

Your body and your spirit are created of the energy and energy that is generated by Electronic devices are interfering with your own. And if this exposure has a place for a longer time it can have serious health consequences.

We all love our smartphones, tablets, using the internet, etc. Don’t we?
But on the other hand only very few of us truly understand the way they work and how significant impact they have on our life.

electromagnetic radiation that influences human

Anther thing that affects us similar way is a TV and different types of screen. It’s been proven that LCD or even worse LED display are the sources of massive radiation.

Do you have a big screen in your living room? Have you ever wondered how massive radiation does it generate? Do you have any types of a screen in your bedroom?

You really shouldn’t use any types of a screen in your bedroom at all. This is your rest the pole and it should be treated as such.There neither should be any phone or tablet on your site table next to your bed.

Your bedroom should be absolutely free of any types of radiation, so you at least have a few hours every day when your body and spirit can freely recharge the batteries without any hazardous influences from outside.

Another harmful source of radiation that very little people know about are the bulbs! Yes, that’s correct. The bulbs that give us the light.

Do you use energy saving bulbs? If you do, then please be aware that these bulbs maybe save you few pennies on energy bills, but they definitely don’t save your personal energy!

They literally destroy it. And the more modern and energy efficient bulb then the more harmful it is. LED bulbs equal constant radiation. It is proven fact that it’s much better to stick to traditional bulbs.
Here is the short video that I found on the youtube some time ago that explains clearly what I’m talking about.




That’s shocking, isn’t it?


Another type of source of radiation in nearly everyone home is the microwave. People tend to use it for convenience as it saves some time when we need to prepare or reheat some food. But be aware that it saves only time, and it does not save your health.
First of all radiation that microwave generates while is working is massive, and secondly, the food that is being prepared in the microwave is very toxic as well.

Another types of harmful radiation are Bluetooth and radio waves. We use those on a daily basis as well, and these also are bad for us living species.

And the last common source of the radiation in your home are the smart meters. These clever electronic devices that measure your electricity or gas consumption are huge harmful radiation generators as well.

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On the picture below you’ll find more sources of radiation that we all are exposed to pretty much everyday. 

more radiation that influences human

This picture shows even more sources of radiation that influence us on a daily basis.

As you reading this article you are probably realizing now how exposed to radiation we are in this so-called hi-tech modern world.

Always bear in your mind that we are energetic beings and all the energy that we have contact with is affecting us in a certain way. We don’t see these waves and radiation with naked eyes, but they indeed have a significant impact on us and our well-being.

And, sadly all of these gadgets and this technology that we use every day can be very harmful to us if we don’t protect ourselves from it.

The facts speak for itself! And that is why people who are familiar with orgonite devices love orgonite pyramids so much. Because they give them protection in their homes. They give them healthy life force instead of harmful radiation. 

Orgonite pyramid is a truly amazingly simple solution for many different hazardous things that we are surrounded by at all the times. Orgonite pyramid is the thing that does the trick regarding converting harmful EMF radiation from different sources into beneficial life force.

It’s been tested that Orgonite pyramid, especially when it is made with a use of Shungite and Tourmaline, effectively reduces the radiation and converts harmful energy to a good one.

It is serious to worth to consider equipping yourself in different forms of the Orgonite devices, not only Orgonite pyramid but also devices such Orgonite pendant or mobile phone, tablet stickers, etc.

In an ideal world, every place in your house and every gadget that comes into direct contact with your skin should be protected by some type of Orgonite device.

So, if you want to keep yourself and your loved once protected then you should seriously consider of getting yourself a good quality Orgonite pyramid or even couple of them so you can put them around your house in the spots where radiation is the strongest.

If you ready to get one of them, then please feel free to check out my latest Orgonite pyramid release. This particular model has been packed with Shungite and Tourmaline to make sure that it converts the harmful energy effectively.

You can even use it as a relaxing lamp if you wish.




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