What Is Orgonite

If you don’t know what is orgonite, then you are about to discover all the info that very likely will change your point of view on your reality.

And this statement is not exaggerated by any mean, as once you have enough knowledge on the subject how orgonite works and you fully understand what it is and how you and your family can benefit from it, you’ll want to have it as soon as you can.

Oronite is one of the discoveries that literally changed many people’s lives, and it can change yours very quickly as well.

The term orgonite comes from the name orgone which is nothing else than life force that everything is made of.

Spiritual gurus named this energy in the past by different names such as Prana, Kundalini or Chi. And Orgone energy is exactly the same.


You, me and everything that exists is made of Orgone energy, and we all need it to stay alive and be healthy.

So, technically speaking Orgone energy wasn’t discover by anybody as this was directly given to all of us by the Creator of the Universe and it just existed, exists and will exist.

However, orgonite is a scientific approach of generating Orgone energy, and the device that can do so has this very name – orgonite.

Orgonite technology was discovered by Austrian psychotherapist and physicist William Reich in 1930 and since then it had to go through ups and downs but thankfully for us it survived until today.

Orgonite can have different forms such as orgonite pendant, orgonite necklace, orgonite bracelet, orgonite accumulator, tower buster, holly hand grenade, cloud buster and few others.

These are the type of orgonite that are mainly used by people who take advantage of this extraordinary technology.


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What orgonite can be used for?

Orgonite can be utilized for many different things. The main purpose that people are using it for is because of its healing properties and protective features.

By healing properties, I mean that orgonite can charge your personal energy field called Aura and balance your non-physical organs called chakras.

By doing so, it will gradually fulfill your entire body with life force and the same will help you o recover from unwanted health conditions. It will also improve your mental health and will enhance your spiritual abilities.

Apart from that orgonite is also used to convert harmful electromagnetic radiation that nearly all our electronic and electric devices generated into positive for health Orgone energy.

Quite a lot of people are also using to dissolve the chemtrails. This is very common phenomena that you can see pretty much everywhere on the globe by looking up on the sky.

Conspiracy theorists believe that this is the way elites and decision makers try to change the weather on the planet.

There are many theories why they would want do it, but I’m not going to talk too much about it here as this article is on the subject what is orgonite and not about conspiracy theories. Lol

But to just cut a long story short, there are continuously more and more evidence that these airplane drops are very toxic and harmful for all the type of life, including us.

There is also the term that appeared recently in medical field called chemtrails flu which is an upper respiratory infection caused by the long-term exposure to this “nasty” phenomena.

There is no need to get into the detailed conversation to prove that this phenomenon exists. It is enough proof for everyone to simply look up at the sky and notice that clouds these days don’t look the same as the used to be. Very often they look like cloudy lines or grids.

So that’s what cloud buster was created for, to dissolve and push away those artificial clouds and leave clean air above your house.

Another good thing that orgonite device does is promoting a growth of fruits and vegetables. There are already many Eco-friendly gardeners and frames that the put orgonite into the soil and later on they enjoy much bigger and more nutritionally valuable greens and fruits.

Now since you know what is orgonite you might like to get some more in-depth orgonite info?

If yes, then please feel free to check related blog posts at the bottom of the page as you’ll find there all orgonite info you’ll ever need.

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