Self-Hypnosis – Discover The Pathway to Your Hidden Powers!


Self hypnosis is very valuable and powerful tool in the process of personal growth. With a help of it, you can activate great part of your global potential.




Self Hypnosis is the state of mind which allows you to connect with your higher self and enhance your spirituality overall. This state of mind is very natural for us, and it helps gain mind-body-spirit balance.

Self-hypnosis is the state of mind that we fall into technically daily without even realizing it. This trance-like state we experience very easily when we feel tired, and we go to lay down for few minutes to regain the strength.

You close your eyes, your feel relaxed and after few minutes you kind of start to float and before you realize you are in a sleep like state but you aware that you are not sleeping.

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What is self-hypnosis required for?

Self-hypnosis is very valuable mental ability which can help individual to achieve many different desirable things for more happy life. It can contribute to solving internal issues, it can answer you who you was in your previous lives, it can improve your mind powers, it can help you to detach your consciousness from your physical body and experience something which is called out of body experience or astral projection and many others.

If you’ll practice hypnosis daily you’ll start to experience more mental power, and you’ll be more creative, more alert, and you’ll have more energy overall.

Self-hypnosis can indeed help you to understand yourself and know who you really are. It can help you to reach deepest parts of your mind in order to solve the mysteries and issues that have been stored as unnecessary or even harmful baggage in you subconscious mind for years or even lifetimes.

Many aspects of our psyche are deep bellowing the surface, but they strongly impact on this what we think, what we do and how we act and are.

Picture bellow shows the complexity of the global mind.




As you can see the mind is quite complex “thing” and technically it’s limitless. We’ve got unconscious mind, subconscious mind, conscious mind and finally, we also have something that is called super-consciousness or higher mind which is like our connector with higher parts of ourselves and higher much more subtle than physical dimensions.

Self-hypnosis usually requires a little bit of time and patience to start to experience it properly. There are quite a few different self-hypnosis techniques. Since 1997 I have gone probably through all of them and I personally found four steps technique described as the most effective. Here is how it goes.

The first step to do it is to go into the state of the total physical relaxation the way that your physical body won’t be disturbing you while you are performing it. 

The second step is a contemplation which will help you to solve all your thoughts and achieve a very peaceful state of mind.

Next step is to go zen-like state of mind that you’ll have nothing in your mind but stillness.

And the final step is to perform self-hypnosis and go into a deep trance.

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The entire process takes up to 40 minutes, but it shortens gradually once you gain experience. There is a countless number of benefits that self-hypnosis brings for us, and it surely helps to keep good physical and mental wellbeing.

You can program your subconscious mind and send hypnotic suggestions to supermind to fix many things in your life such as quit smoking, lose weight, achieve goals, create more money and technically everything that you can think of.


Once you master self hypnosis training and you’ll start to do self hypnosis sessions regularly and you’ll see positive results very quickly.


If you wish to learn self-hypnosis and discover this beautiful world and start to experience the beauty of it, please feel free to see other resources on this website regarding this subject. You’ll find here powerful stuff that will help you to become advance in self-hypnosis within very short period of time with a minimum effort from your side.

Part of the resources are brand new specially designed hypnosis scripts and blend of beautiful ambient music with brainwave entrainment in the background.


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