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Truths of Perfect Interpersonal Communication Skills!


Intelligence, knowledge or experience are important and might get you a job, but strong communication skills are what will get you promoted…














How do you communicate in relationships with your loved ones, friends, work colleagues, customers and everyone else that you need to deal with in your life?

Do you make the same mistakes that most people do by listening by not hearing and trying to convince other that you’re right not them?

Do you realize that interpersonal communication skills give one the knowledge and power to manage feelings and behavior of oneself – the person that is interacting with?

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Effective communication is a fundamental aspect of every relationship regardless of the character of it. No matter if it’s personal relationship, business relationship, friendship or any other kind of relationship. If people don’t know how to communicate with each other effectively, it will impact those connections (more likely badly) sooner or later.

There are few essential personal features that everyone who cares about his own relationship should have. First, of them would be the ability of effective communicating in a face to face interactions. Those are most common, and it is crucial to know how to behave and react while talking with others.

The first ingredient of effective interpersonal communication skills is active listening. You need to listen very carefully what others are saying to be able to give the right answer and adapt your behavior appropriately.

Some people seem to have no listening skills and paying attention to this what others are saying is quite challenging for them, and it causes them a lot of misunderstandings, frustrations and perhaps even conflicts with others. It isn’t about hearing people. It’s actually about focusing on their words and deep understanding them.

Another important ingredient of interpersonal communication skills is an ability to appropriate expressing own mind. If you want to be understood by others, you have to take idea across the right way by using words which will describe precisely what do you mean, and your physical expression will confirm what you’re saying.


Your verbal skills need to be at good enough level and the key role in it plays the level of development that your linguistic intelligence is on.


Next important feature of good interpersonal communication skills is an ability to controlling own and reading others body language. Appropriate eye contact, facial expression and right gestures and body movements are crucial here as well.

Once you will master those skills convincing other to your ideas, and likewise reading theirs intentions and behavior will become as easy as pie. You will need to learn how to read body language and how to do persuasive gestures.

Another side of interpersonal communication skills is an ability to perform well in written communication. We live in the age where the social media is part of our life. We use different social media sites to communicate with each other, and good writing skills are very desirable if you want to keep your “virtual” relationships looked after.

It is also worth to remember that all of us like to hear good things about ourselves, and we like when others are being nice to us. Being unpleasant or even nasty is a great recipe to put people off or even set them against yourself. So always try to keep people (at least those who matter to you) “sweet”.


Always remember to highlight values, good sides and abilities of others.


It will always gain you more friendly orientated towards you people and will potentially allow you to develop successful relationships.

Next desired characteristic of good interpersonal communication skills is an ability to the conflict solution. All described above aspects will help you to boost your knowledge and skills in this matter, and they will allow you to come to win – win situation in every circumstances when conflict occurs.

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See diagram bellow which shows interpersonal wellness model, it will give you more insight of the complexity of relationships.




As you can see, there are quite a few things that need to consider to develop interpersonal communication skills.


It doesn’t matter how good is your idea if you wont be able to bring it across right way. Well developed interpersonal communication skills are the key to making it heard and seen.

Always at least try to take advantage of every opportunity to practice your communication skills so that when important occasions arise, you will have the skill, style, clarity, sharpness and emotions to affect other people appropriate way.

If you feel that you need to develop your interpersonal skills, and you want to become a better speaker, please let me invite you to see resources on this website as you will find here lot of beneficial personal growth information and interpersonal skills training which will help you to master relationship and become a persuasive beast!

This isn’t going only to improve your own abilities, but it will also impact positively on your private relationships, your friendships, work or business connections and many others that you have in many areas of you life.

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