Truths of Excellent Memory and Amazing Rule That it Plays in Your Life!


Memory is like a diary that you take with you everywhere, and it’s also one of the most important attributes of your mind which help you to live your life.












Do you ever get stuck when you have to talk to the person but you can’t recall his/her name? Have you ever forgot about important dates or anniversaries and felt very awkward because of it?

Millions of people just like you forget the very same things every day feel frustrated and uncomfortable because their memory plays up on them when it’s the least expected.

But unless you spend your time on training your memory the right way, you’re never going to be able to remember all the things that you suppose to and not going to be able to recall them when you need to.

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What if I told you there’s a better way of using your memory? What if I told you that applying few simple tips that you’re about to discover will have a tremendous effect on your remembering?

But before we get there, let’s make it clearer how much every each of us is dependent on this feature of our brain, because for some strange reason most of us don’t even realise about it at all.

Memory is a very important aspect of our mind that we use in our life almost all the time because nearly all intellectual operations involve it in bigger or smaller degree.


Having memory is vital for our survival.


Firstly it defines who we are. If we didn’t have the memory, we wouldn’t be even able to remember what our name is and all the rest of details that are required to live within society. If your memory would be erased or you would lose it for some reason, (for example because of Alzheimer’s disease) you wouldn’t have a sense of who you are at all and you would be entirely dependent on other people.

Also memory of this, what we’ve been doing in the past makes us who we are now. In the course of life, we gather different sorts of information that establish our knowledge, and we go through different experiences that create certain behavioural conditions.

Because of that, we’re able for example to use the language, do our job or accomplish all the tasks that we do on a daily basis.

Memory is necessary at the school where we learn new things and then we have to recall information when we have exams. However, it plays much bigger role than only memorizing. Our knowledge and then wisdom also get improved when we use memory more often.

Using of the memory is also essential at work. It helps us to remember our routines, tasks and all the information that are required to do our job, and the same way make money for living. 

Good memory also helps to build new and maintain our old relationships. Individuals who can remember and recall names of newly met people or names of people from the past are perceived as much warmer and more intelligent than those who can’t remember names even of those who they’ve met the same day.

When you can keep in your mind all the names, people will feel the sense of significance and your interactions with them will be smoother.

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Having a good memory also helps individuals remember about important dates and birthdays of people that are important to him/her. This is very true when it comes to men who regularly forget dates of anniversaries and birthdays. Guys who remember important dates come across as extra thoughtful and more caring.


Men who doesn’t remember important dates is usually perceived as neglecting ignorant.


Even if remembering birthdays or anniversaries shouldn’t actually be an indication of love or a measure of love,  ladies mostly see it that way anyway.

Mind map bellow shows few useful tips that’ll help you to make your memory more efficient with ease.




Memory also reflects our psychological processes. Having great memory also often means that you possess powerful and useful mind powers. If you’ll be working on your memory to improve it, you’ll additionally enhance the way you think and control your mind in general.


Memory is like your internal hard drive where everything that’s associated with you is being stored on. 


If you would like to get more information how to improve your memory, and you would like to know how to start to use a higher percent of your global potential, please feel free to have a look through resources on this website. You’ll find here a lot of valuable stuff that’ll change the way you memorise, store and access information in your mind and also will enhance your mind in general.


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