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Have you ever wished you could “clone” yourself so that all the ideas you have “in development” can materialize with lightning speed?

Productivity and motivation are two mutually related terms that are crucial to achieving goals and making ideas materialised. Motivation is the process that makes us initiate certain action, and it will also guide us through the process.

By saying in different words, this is an empowering type of the energy which causes goals achieving orientated behaviour. There are three major components that make motivation complete such as activation, persistence, and intensity.

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Activation involves the decision that initiates a behavior. It is the energy that this grand vision of yours give you that makes you very enthusiastic and makes you start the action physically.

Persistence is the force that pushes you through the process regardless the obstacles. This is the force that keeps you going to make your dream happen even if many things make it difficult or even if it seems like the whole world is against you. This is the energy that makes you don’t give up no matter what.

Intensity is the ability to focus on the action and the level of dynamic energy that person engages with in it. This is the power that makes you being laser focused and helps to accomplish steps of your plan one after another.

Essential addition to motivation is productivity which is the efficiency of your action measured in the progress. 

In the entire process of the goal achieving it is crucial to be productive and “produce” fruitful stuff that will potentially bring desirable results. Being productive requires being organised, consistent and creative.

Motivation is a critical aspect of the human life, and its importance is not only crucial to achieving goals, but also it has a massive impact on individuals personality and self-esteem. The highly motivated person seems to cope well with shyness and perceive him/herself as a valuable individual.

Statistics also say that it also has a positive influence on people who surround a highly motivated person.

What does it mean to you? It means that if your motivation is on a high level and you take consistently massive action towards making your dreams come true, it will more likely inspire your loved once as well, and they will highly possibly copy your behaviour and start to do something constructive in their own lives. 

Mind map bellow will give you a quick overview how to get motivated on the go.


As you can see being motivated is not as complicated as it seems for some people. It is all about clarity of this what you want, methodical approach and systematic work towards it. 

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How to start to be genuinely motivated? 

Firstly, answer to yourself what do you really want deep down in your heart to do with your life and make a decision that you are going to make it happen no matter what. Knowing the purpose of your life will clarify your goals which will boost your motivation and help you set up strategy.

Not knowing what to do in life is very frustrating and causes mental drain, which of course “perfectly” prevents from becoming a motivated person. Secondly, keep your dream in your mind all times and let it keep you motivated.

See it as clearly as it would be real already and make sure that you can feel it emotionally as well.   And thirdly, take massive action and stick to it. Day after day consistently work towards accomplishment of your mission. 

Do not hesitate to dream big! As bigger your goal is and as bigger your motivation will remain. 

If you wish to know advanced tips and tricks that will take your motivation, productivity, and creativity on an entirely different level, please feel free to go through resources on this website. There are loads of valuable materials that will help you to shift your life with ease and will make you top class achiever.

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