30 Tips How to Motivate Yourself Fast and Easy!

You’re about to discover quick and proven tips that will allow you to finally know how to motivate yourself and maintain this mindset for good!


Have you ever wondered what would your life look life if you had the knowledge on how to motivate yourself to do just about anything you always wanted and at the same time you would have a will power to stay in this mindset for good? 

Are you frustrated that your life doesn’t go the way you wish and you feel like you want to say:

– I have no motivation to do anything!?

How do you think, being motivated is the privilege reserved for successful gurus and entrepreneurs only and not available for anybody else?

If you think like that, let me assure that it’s not a true at all!

If it seems to you that everybody around you, apart from yourself, have all the energy and power to achieve wonderful things and they get all the luck, fame and abundance then be aware that almost everyone is facing the same problem at some point in his life.


How to motivate yourself and how to inspire yourself are those questions that most of us are looking answers for when we’re thinking about changing something in our life. 


We all have dreams and desires, but unfortunately, statistics show that not so many people decide to seriously act on it, and the cause of it is nothing else but a lack of motivation and in many cases, it’s because most people don’t have much idea about ways to motivate themselves.

People have a different reason to be motivated. Things that motivate me perhaps would not motivate you and likewise things that can motivate you wouldn’t necessary motivate me or others. 

There is literally an endless number of examples of what motivates people. 

Some of us want motivation to exercise, other want to know how to motivate yourself to study, how to motivate yourself to workout, how to motivate yourself to loss weight etc.

Are you looking for the answer how to be self-motivated as well?

If, yes then read on because you’re about to discover probably the easiest and most effective tips on the subject how to get motivated to do or achieve literally anything you wish.

It’s not that hard to know how to motivate yourself as long as you’re ready to make a decision that you really want to get this knowledge and imply it in your life!


Everything is at the distance of your mental touch as it is all in your mind!



Before we’ll move on to our life shifting tips about motivation please watch this short and very interesting video, which will help you understand why we sabotage so often and how to break out from this hopeless circle and finally start to be able to get motivated!


Its’s quite eye opening, isn’t it?

It is crucial to deeply understand all of that powerful message if you’re serious about changing your life!

Are you ready to possess life transforming knowledge?

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So, let’s get started. I could probably write about this subject for a long time and I could probably list here at least 100 ways to motivate yourself, but more likely it would be hard to remember and imply all of them in reality so I will list 30 most significant once that truly work for everyone!

Here’s the list of effective tips on how to motivate yourself:


1. Make a true and final decision that you want to improve yourself and  your life. It  might sound obvious, but the fact is that so many people don’t pay much attention to that and their attitude is like shifting their life would be just an occasional, random thing. Make a decision that you take full responsibility for your life and keep in mind that it is all dependent on you that your life is going to be great because there is only one person that can change your life. You! 

2. You need to answer to yourself a questions what you really want to do with your life and what motivates you. Make a list of your great life goals and list of things that motivate you and think about final results that you have achieved them successfully. Use visualization to see it on your internal screen and involve all of your senses while doing it. Make sure that you feel like it was already real and act like it.  

3. Make sure that every day you start your day with invigorating, positive energy and attitude by being grateful for everything you have and stay on this vibe as much as you can throughout the day. 

4. Dream big and act big! Your goal and vision need to be so big that it’ll excite you very intensively and also scare you at the same time. As the saying goes, target the moon because even when you miss it you’ll still be among the stars. But don’t only dream about it, do everything you can in order to achieve it!

5. Avoid overwhelming yourself and start by doing something small and then keep the momentum.

6. Always do the most difficult task first so you will have a “steam” until the end of the day and you not going to struggle with something when tiredness catches you up and there is no mental stamina left in your brain.

7. Give yourself a time and don’t rush like a “mad dog” and develop yourself into patience. Remember, successful people didn’t become successful overnight! It always requires time, as a lot of work and consistency. 

8. Compare yourself to yourself, not to others. Stop looking at others and thinking of this what they do with their life. Everyone is unique and everyone has a different purpose in his life and you need to understand and accept this fact. 

9. Celebrate when you achieve small successes as deserved treat after hard work makes you feel better about yourself and give an additional boost to your motivation. It also increases your self-esteem. 

10. Find some  authorities that already achieved something similar to this that you want and study their way of doing it. Once you’ll fully grasp it then start to copy their way of achieving it. 

11. Do what you love and love what you do and money will follow. Discover your life mission and find your natural flow as this will make you so called “work” truly enjoyable fun. If you struggle to deeply understand who you really are and what you should be doing in your life, then a good way of understanding yourself is completing right personality assessment.

12. As the saying goes: If you want to change your life then you have to change your life. There is no other way around. Get out of your comfort zone and start doing something productive that will give you a better life. Think outside the box.

13. Don’t be afraid to fail and don’t be mislead by thinking that failure leads to the end of the mission! It’s not true! All successful people failed many times before they finally achieved success. Failure is not the end, it’s is valuable information that something didn’t work and things need to be approached from a different perspective. 

14. Do comprehensive research about this what you planning to do as this will boost your confidence regarding it and then make an action plan. As more knowledge about it you have as all becomes easier to deal with. 

15. Find a good reason why you want to do it. Something that is positive for humanity and your loved once is always a good thing. Don’t be selfish. As another saying goes if you will help other people to get what they want then you’ll get this what you want! 

16. Make a list of your goal on the paper and place it somewhere where you’ll see it many times during a day, as it will keep you focused and the message will get anchored in your subconscious mind. 

17. Be generally positive and keep yourself on this type of vibrations all the time. See the glass half full, not half empty. 

18. Eliminate all unnecessary distractions, side tracking activities and use your time productively.

19. Split up your goal into smaller steps and then make action plans of every each step.

20. Make specific positive affirmations regarding yourself and your goal and keep repeating this many times every day with simultaneous appropriate emotions involvement.  Stay away from negative people, circumstances, and negative stimuli. By saying in different words, make sure that you have nothing to do with things that have a negative impact on you. 

21. Be creative in the process of achieving your goal and use your imagination a lot. Use brainstorming and pick the best ideas. 

22. Spend some time daily on doing something fun that makes you happy and puts a smile on your face.

23. Everyday listen to positive speakers, read motivation books and watch motivational videos. Also listen to something that you enjoy and keeps you going while you’re on the move. For example, you can listen to powerful music for focus that you can find in our magic music store.

24. Meditate daily and make sure that it becomes your routine. Statistics show that frequent, regular meditation increases cognitive performance and improves all the aspects of human mind activities. It also makes your body healthier. 

25. Don’t waste your valuable time and seriously realize that life doesn’t last forever. Make sure that every each day count and is being used for something fulfilling and productive.

26. Find like-minded people who have similar goals and people who are already successful in your field. Copy those who are already successful and exchange information with these who are still on the way to success. Additionally, a little bit of competition works like a good booster for your motivation as well.

27. Avoid overcomplicating your action plans and keep everything as simple as possible, so it will not make you feel overwhelmed. If you really want to be laser focused then keep working on just one project, step or task at the time and move on to another one only once you have finished first one. 

28. Get into the habit of regular exercise. It’s been scientifically proven that when you’re fit you have more mental powers and energy to take massive action.

29. Eat healthy and look after yourself.

30. Measure your progress as it will give you feedback how you are growing and will also give an additional boost to your motivation.

So, here you have it. As you probably realize knowing how to motivate yourself  wasn’t that hard after all! Above that, another great way to get motivated are feeding your mind daily with things such as “motivate yourself quotes” that you can find by doing google searches and also you can participate in motivational seminars, which is seriously empowering thing to do.

Now it’s just the matter of implying those tips in real life. 

So, don’t wait anymore.

Nothing is stopping you from taking action now as you have more than enough knowledge on the subject how to motivate yourself!

Start chasing your dreams now! Additionally, if you want this knowledge to become part of you then start to spread it around you with people you care about. Now, when you know how to motivate yourself you also know how to motivate others. 


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Down bellow I’ve placed some of my favorite motivational videos and more useful information on the subject how to motivate yourself, so please feel free to have a look at them as highly possible that you’ll find them beneficial as well. 



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