Self Esteem

Self Esteem – How to Boost it Smart Way so it Will Always Be With You?


Your value doesn’t decrease because someone’s inability to see your worth. The way you perceive yourself is the foundation for your success or failure in life…
















Wouldn’t it be amazing if you was always very self-confident and your charismatic energy would radiate from you so much, that everyone around would see you as a true professional that they are afraid to argue with?

Just think about it. How many benefits would you have in every area of your life?

Self-esteem is your personal value that you ascribe to yourself, and it affects every aspect of you, your body, mind and spirit.

Everyone has a different opinion of themselves, however maintaining an optimistic, positive outlook will benefit you greater than an unfavourable one.

Many people suffer from low self-worth for many different reasons, and this is something that is seriously blocking them from reaching personal fulfillment and feeling true happiness.

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Some people believe that the are not attractive, and they concentrate on all the imperfections of their bodily appearance. Others have emotional issues which have prompted their self-worth to drop.

In most of the cases, self-esteem can be lifted up fairly easily as long as an individual is willing to change it and understands that the main cause is rooted in his mind.

There is only one person who decides how your self esteem is going to shape…, and it’s YOU!

There are many people out there who are trying to influence the way we feel about ourself. Our family members, “toxic” friends, school peers and other people that surround us try to influence us by criticising, laughing at us and making many other immature comments or create circumstances to make us look bad in surrounding environment and the same way affect our opinion about ourselves.

Just to make it clear, it’s more likely that exactly those people have some internal issues, and they probably suffer from low self-esteem themselves. The way they act it’s just psychological mechanism which helps them to cover up this very issue. 

Keep in mind, that nobody will make you think about yourself certain way as long as you not going to let this false information affect your mind. So I will repeat it again, DO NOT let others affect you the way you think about yourself, even if it’s something abusive!


You are unique, wonderful human being and you have the power to become whoever you wish.

The diagram below shows aspects of our life that shape our identity and likewise affect the picture about ourselves, which directly decides about self-esteem.




As you can see, there are quite a few factors that make us think about ourselves the way we do. If you want to lift your own self-esteem up, then you need to consider those factors and the way they have an impact on you in your personal life. It’s more likely that you’ll find the answer in some of those, and once you identify it, it will be much easier to resolve it.

Another predominant factor in self-esteem is your attitude. If you’ll remain negative towards yourself and you’ll keep a negative picture in your mind, you won’t be able to change your self-worth.

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One of the good ways to make a positive change in self-esteem is to start to spend as much time as possible with positive people, who respect themselves and others. Shared conversations with such folks can pump you up with the injection of positive energy, which is essential to feel good in general.

Also, be patient and give yourself time. Some people expect massive changes overnight. Keep in mind that the way you feel about yourself took years to get anchored in your mind and you are conditioned in a certain way so to speak. Also more likely some of those issues started to occur in early childhood, so be patient and work towards your positive transformation consistently.


Positive change will occur gradually if you will allow it to happen!


If you feel that you need some more resources to change your self-opinion, and you would like to improve your self-worth, please feel free to go through resources on this website as you will find here a lot of valuable stuff that will help you to make yourself the way you truly deserve and wish to be.


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