Spirituality – How to Reach Spiritual Enlightenment Despite a Materialistic World?


Spirituality is a part of your existence. You aren’t a human being having a spiritual experience. You’re a spiritual being which is having human experience.












Throughout the earlier days of humanity, people had been using mainly their instincts as well as their psychic abilities to determine the world and to live life in symbiosis with the environment and nature.

However, it has changed into an entirely different state of affairs these days. We now live in such a materialistic world where science, technology, and discoveries rule our lives. 

As time and global civilization went on, people started to be more focus on developing new things and gathering material goods. We are surrounded by technologically advanced gadget, powerful cars, and we have apps basically for everything.

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But we totally forgot about our roots, who we really are and where we came from. Spirituality and understanding own existence are being neglected probably by the majority of the people.


These days seems that people have forgotten how to live life because they’re so busy to make living.


How can we fix it? How can we get reconnected with our roots beside all of that modern life and start to living in harmony with the cosmos, planet, other people and ourselves?

No doubt about it that all of that modern stuff makes our lives much easier and more comfortable, but the very same stuff also creates a massive barrier between us and our spirituality. With such blockade obstructing our minds and hearts, we are then restricted to what we can solely sense and subsequently, hinder us from reaching spiritual development and personal fulfillment.

It is crucial for us, future generations and the entire planet to find balance within all of that and make some space for spirituality very seriously.

How can we be so detached from spirituality if we are spiritual beings that are just experiencing physical realm undoubtedly only temporarily?


The real purpose of spirituality is to protect us from destructive temptations and unfavorable energies.


It is really important for us that we’re able to achieve positive spiritual growth in our lives on this planet that we reside in. Essentially, it’s like our protective device that is shielding us from all of those destructive energies which modern life presents to us.

Current times are quite hectic, and they demand from human being quite a lot regarding energetic usage. Spiritual disharmony makes you be exposed even more to negative energies and likewise brings a lot of stress into your life, which as you probably know, causes all sorts of different problems.

With a considerably developed spirituality within you, it will significantly be much easier for you to cope with all of that, and moreover be able to make right choices and focus on that what is truly desirable and beneficial for you and your spirit.

A lot of people only waste their energy on doing many different things in life without knowing their purpose in it in the first place. Spiritual growth helps to overcome it as it makes you know how to get in touch in your inner, higher self which will always give you right guidance.


Spiritual development will help you discover your true destiny and follow its path.


What’s more, it will help you to free yourself from those negative, detrimental energies and it will give you wisdom and power to protect yourself from it whenever it appears on your way. With a growth of your spirituality besides your spirit, you’ll also strengthen your mentality and your body as well.

Energy within your body will be replaced with optimal one, and your aura will change the color. Your cells will be fixed and so will your immune system, and you’ll also see a massive improvement in your mental health.

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With positive changes in your aura, you’ll be continuously attracting the same tape of energies which will give you even more useful power. Moreover, with your personal blast, you’ll be affecting people who surround you and which will positively affect them on the subconscious level, meaning that they’ll enjoy your company very much.

Picture bellow shows the flow of spiritual energy within human body.

Activating your chakras system is essential step in your spiritual development.

Activating your chakras system is an essential step in your spiritual development.

As you can see our spirituality is a quite complex, but it is really easy to comprehend, and once you start to work on it, your life will change for good in every possible way.

Many people are very distracted by materialistic matters which they think are indispensable in life to survive, and they totally forget about getting in touch with their real nature.

You really need to slow down and pay attention more to your spirit as well. This will make everything much easier, and you’ll start experience life on a multidimensional level. Moreover, by fulfilling your destiny and following the path that will match your spirit, you’ll open naturally stream of your abundance and income.


Spirit-mind-body integration will give you the feel of total completion and blissfulness.


Are your ready to get in touch with your true you and discover your natural abilities, powers, and path of your life? Please feel free to see resources on this website where you’ll find many different materials on this subject as it’ll help you deeply understand yourself and possess your spiritual powers that you never thought you had.


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Click the picture to enlarge.

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