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Anxiety cannot protect you from the ills of tomorrow, but it can rob you off from the joy of today.












In the next couple of minutes you are going to learn about different types of anxiety and what causes it.
Did you know that there’s a thin line between “innocent” and unhealthy anxiety attacks? And sadly, this separating line in most cases is ignored and then normal nervousness turns into the anxiety disorder.

First of all just to make it clear, everyone experiences anxiety in some degree sometimes when a stressful situation appears in life, and it is absolutely normal. It is the body’s way of reacting to stimulus that pushes us to either” fight” or “flight” over a situation.

However, when fear and anxiety attacks are continual, extreme, and irrational, and start to affect the well-being of a person (bodily, psychologically and emotionally), it already turns into a problem that has to be addressed immediately.


Types of Anxiety Disorder

There are six different types of anxiety disorder, and every each of them has specific characteristics: generalized anxiety disorder – GAD, panic disorder, phobia, post-traumatic stress disorder – PTSD, social anxiety disorder – social phobia, and obsessive-compulsive disorder – OCD.

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) it’s a constant fear, or fear of everything you do without clear, logic reason or understanding why.
People who suffer from this type feel anxious by doing everyday actions and are convinced that something bad will happen. Individuals with GAD show symptoms corresponding to abdomen upset, fatigue, restlessness, and insomnia.

Panic disorder is repetitive, unexpected panic attacks, and fears that panic episodes will continue to happen. Individuals with panic disorder are likely to have agoraphobia or worry of being in locations where help or escape might be difficult in the case of one other panic attack. Those with agoraphobia are additionally afraid of being trapped in confined places such as an airplane or crowded areas such as shopping mall.

A phobia is extreme, irrational, and exaggerated fear over easy things that usually have little or no danger. Very common phobias are connected with heights, snakes, spiders, darkish, and flying. People with phobias tend to stay away from the places, issues or circumstances they are afraid of in order to avoid potential anxiety attacks. However, it’s been proven that avoidance only strengthens the phobia.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is an anxiety disorder that happens after a life-threatening or a traumatic event. Individuals with PTSD present signs corresponding to hyper-vigilance, avoiding situations or places that bring them memories in regards to the event. The also usually have nightmares and flashbacks about the things that occurred. Symptoms can start very simply and develop into isolation.

Social anxiety disorder or social phobia is worry of being seen negatively by others or worry of getting humiliated in public by someone. It is quite common that social anxiety is mistaken as an unusual extreme shyness. People with this type of disorder usually isolate themselves from society or occasion where people meet or busy places in general. Stage fright is the most common kind of social anxiety.

Obsessive – compulsive disorder or OCD is a situation where individual has unwanted behavior or ideas which seem to them impossible to control. People with OCD can have certain ritualistic compulsive obsession equivalent to worries and as a result, they continue to repeat certain actions over and over again.
A suffering person can display behavior such as continuous checking if electric appliances, lights are turn off, or let’s say touching different items continuously, or washing hands over and over again or similar kind of things.

How do panic attacks happen?
Picture bellow shows how the cycle of the panic attacks works.


If you want to get over your panic attacks you need to stop this negative spiral!

Can you see how the mechanism makes people worry over and over again?

How to assess if you are suffering from this “terrible” condition?
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Answering following questions will help you to identify if you are a “victim” of some type of anxiety disorder:

Do you experience anxiety attacks?

Are you always anxious, tense, and on the sting?

Do you feel like you are at risk each time you are in confined locations?

Are you afraid of meeting with strangers, meeting new buddies and even meeting relatives?

Do you feel that something bad or catastrophic will occur if certain issues aren’t going as they were planned?

Do you experience fear and anxiousness that affect your relationship, work, and other duties?

Do you feel irrational fear and you can’t get over it?

Does your worrying forces you to keep away from usual circumstances and activities?

If the answer to all above questions or some of them is yes, it could mean that you suffer from some type of anxiety. If your suffering is quite significant and it affects your overall wellbeing to the point that your life is getting disturbed by that, then you should seek out solution or help from professionals such as a psychiatrist, psychologist or psychotherapist. 

Very effective psychotherapy type that solves anxiety disorder is cognitive-behavioral therapy.  

You can also start the quick recovery process and go through this website as you will find here many helpful resources that will improve many aspects of your mind overall and simultaneously will help you to cope with your anxiety.
If you feel like that, your disorder is only minor feel free to look through resources on this website as you will find here much useful stuff that will help you to understand yourself better and get over your mental health issues. 

Those resources are also an excellent addition to your main therapy or perhaps its replacement if anxiety symptoms are not too intense.


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