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Emotional Intelligence – Proven Way To Healthy Emotions, Self-Control, and Easy Going Relationships.


Emotions are temporary states of mind, don’t let them permanently destroy you…








Do you want to learn more about emotions, how they affect your life and how to control them? So keep focusing now.

Emotional intelligence is an ability to recognize our own and others emotions and also ability to control them. The main fields of this type of intelligence focus on control of impulses and emotions, recognition of them, self-consciousness, self-regulation, empathy, stress control and self-motivation.

It’s basically that our thoughts directly influence our emotions and feelings and these provoke the responses of our body which lead to certain outcomes, actions and eventually habits if nothing is being done in regards to controlling emotions.

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Many different things stimulate us continually in our life, and we continuously experience things such as feelings and emotions. Events and our thoughts are usually initiated by those external factors or people that surround us. All of that causes the entire emotional chain reaction.

Emotions are spontaneous reactions to the circumstances, and they are conditioned by our thinking pattern that has been learnt over the course of our life.

If a person is mentally healthy, destructive emotions will usually go away once an individual isn’t disposed to circumstances that trigger them off. They could reoccur if an individual has no control over own thoughts that being projected inside the mind.

The picture below shows you how significant impact emotions have on your physical body and its energetic field.


As you can imagine, because emotions influence our physical body they also play the key role in our physical health. By saying it in different words, if you have no control over your emotions, you could end up paying the price for it with your health.


If you want to enjoy good health, then you need to take care of your emotions!

Emotional intelligence is one of the most important aspects of our personality as it plays a unique role in life. It is very useful to be able to recognize your own and others emotions in order to maintain good relations with them and to keep mental health in balanced homeostasis.

Emotional intelligence is in significant relation with interpersonal intelligence, and it’s crucial to know yourself and understand your own reactions and behaviour.

Once your self-awareness will be well developed and you’ll be able to understand why you are behaving in a certain way, you can approach improvement of your emotionality and self-control.

The most important and very basic element that we need to remember when developing emotional intelligence is that our reaction to those events is usually automatic. And it manifests itself dependent on those factors, and it’s either in a positive or negative way.

It is like pre-recorded, anchored and automatic response of your mind, and you do it without thinking about it. It’s your subconscious valuation that you ascribe to those events, and it provokes entire chain reaction for further emotional and physical (outcome) responses.

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Emotions are responsible in very significant degree for your motivation and achievement of the goals.  


Since emotions influence our judgements and opinions, the also play the key role in the quality of our life. They make you happy or miserable. They attract into your life positive, valuable things that you desire or problems. Emotions also establish your beliefs system.

Beliefs express stronger feelings than opinions since many beliefs share faith, convictions, and ideas. Beliefs also share a confidence, certainty, credibility, and so forth.

You need to listen to your common sense, doubts, uncertainties and remain sceptical until you find the information that supports the opinions. It will enable you to develop healthy qualities, which will result in expressing happier and healthier emotions. Take appropriate steps towards the growth of healthy conditions in order to be able to manage your feelings.

So, By assuming all that was said above, everything that we do or who we are is very strongly dependent on our emotions. If we can control them, then we have control over own life. And if we don’t, we neither have control over life.

The great starting point of taking charge of your emotions is starting practicing meditation and listen to relaxing music with relevant subliminal messages.

If you would like to, or you think that you need to work on your emotional intelligence, please feel free to go through resources available on this website as you will find loads of relevant materials that will help you to master your emotions and become the best version of you!

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