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Emotion Recognition – How to Make Right Life Choices?

Published on July 8, 2016 By Marcin

              Have you ever felt ‘stuck’ in your life? I mean totally paralyzed, or not able to make the proper decision? Are you aware that every one of us possesses an exceptional ability that helps us to make optimal decisions in our life? It is like your vibrational meter which tells you exactly what is right for you and what you should avoid.   This meter is called your emotions, and the ability to read them is called personal emotion recognition.   Many years ago, I felt like I was completely “jammed” between few choices I suppose to make. I had a couple of business opportunities that seemed to me like a perfect solution in my life and lucrative source of an income stream. However, I wasn’t clear about what opportunity I suppose to focus on as all of them appeared to be so-called “game changers.” And I thought that all of them could eventually give me desperately wanted a lifestyle that I was always dreaming about. I started to analyze all of them and think of their pros and cons. And finally, I came to the conclusion that I feel even more confused than I was before they appeared in my life. I had to admit that even despite the fact that those companies could give me an opportunity to make a quite a lot of money, something didn’t feel right about every each of them. I eventually had hit the mental burnout and in this confusion, I started to feel that I can’t cope with it anymore. I took two weeks off, and I removed myself from this situation, and I went on holidays. I thought that by giving some space for myself, I’d have a chance to clear my mind, and I’d make a sensible decision. But, you know what? It didn’t work out at all! I was trying so hard to figure it all out, and my logical mind wasn’t helping me at all. After a couple of days of constant battle with my head, I still had no clear idea what should I do. I was mentally exhausted and even more tired than I was before my holiday. Eventually, in desperation, in the middle of the night I wrote: “I need a change in my life and a new system of making decisions.” While I was on this holiday I “coincidently” met a new friend called Stewart who turned up to be personal development coach. He gave me some mp3 recording about emotional intelligence and emotion recognition, and he advised me to listen to it. On the last day of my stay in this resort, I decided that I’ll listen to this what’s on it. I went to the beach, and I turned on my Ipod. The recording wasn’t the best quality, and the funny background noises were a bit annoying but this what I heard gave me one of those “Aha” moments which had a massive impact on […]