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Emotion Recognition – How to Make Right Life Choices?

Published on July 8, 2016 By Marcin

              Have you ever felt ‘stuck’ in your life? I mean totally paralyzed, or not able to make the proper decision? Are you aware that every one of us possesses an exceptional ability that helps us to make optimal decisions in our life? It is like your vibrational meter which tells you exactly what is right for you and what you should avoid.   This meter is called your emotions, and the ability to read them is called personal emotion recognition.   Many years ago, I felt like I was completely “jammed” between few choices I suppose to make. I had a couple of business opportunities that seemed to me like a perfect solution in my life and lucrative source of an income stream. However, I wasn’t clear about what opportunity I suppose to focus on as all of them appeared to be so-called “game changers.” And I thought that all of them could eventually give me desperately wanted a lifestyle that I was always dreaming about. I started to analyze all of them and think of their pros and cons. And finally, I came to the conclusion that I feel even more confused than I was before they appeared in my life. I had to admit that even despite the fact that those companies could give me an opportunity to make a quite a lot of money, something didn’t feel right about every each of them. I eventually had hit the mental burnout and in this confusion, I started to feel that I can’t cope with it anymore. I took two weeks off, and I removed myself from this situation, and I went on holidays. I thought that by giving some space for myself, I’d have a chance to clear my mind, and I’d make a sensible decision. But, you know what? It didn’t work out at all! I was trying so hard to figure it all out, and my logical mind wasn’t helping me at all. After a couple of days of constant battle with my head, I still had no clear idea what should I do. I was mentally exhausted and even more tired than I was before my holiday. Eventually, in desperation, in the middle of the night I wrote: “I need a change in my life and a new system of making decisions.” While I was on this holiday I “coincidently” met a new friend called Stewart who turned up to be personal development coach. He gave me some mp3 recording about emotional intelligence and emotion recognition, and he advised me to listen to it. On the last day of my stay in this resort, I decided that I’ll listen to this what’s on it. I went to the beach, and I turned on my Ipod. The recording wasn’t the best quality, and the funny background noises were a bit annoying but this what I heard gave me one of those “Aha” moments which had a massive impact on […]

30 Tips How to Motivate Yourself Fast and Easy!

Published on June 17, 2016 By Marcin

You’re about to discover quick and proven tips that will allow you to finally know how to motivate yourself and maintain this mindset for good!   Have you ever wondered what would your life look life if you had the knowledge on how to motivate yourself to do just about anything you always wanted and at the same time you would have a will power to stay in this mindset for good?  Are you frustrated that your life doesn’t go the way you wish and you feel like you want to say: – I have no motivation to do anything!? How do you think, being motivated is the privilege reserved for successful gurus and entrepreneurs only and not available for anybody else? If you think like that, let me assure that it’s not a true at all! If it seems to you that everybody around you, apart from yourself, have all the energy and power to achieve wonderful things and they get all the luck, fame and abundance then be aware that almost everyone is facing the same problem at some point in his life.   How to motivate yourself and how to inspire yourself are those questions that most of us are looking answers for when we’re thinking about changing something in our life.    We all have dreams and desires, but unfortunately, statistics show that not so many people decide to seriously act on it, and the cause of it is nothing else but a lack of motivation and in many cases, it’s because most people don’t have much idea about ways to motivate themselves. People have a different reason to be motivated. Things that motivate me perhaps would not motivate you and likewise things that can motivate you wouldn’t necessary motivate me or others.  There is literally an endless number of examples of what motivates people.  Some of us want motivation to exercise, other want to know how to motivate yourself to study, how to motivate yourself to workout, how to motivate yourself to loss weight etc. Are you looking for the answer how to be self-motivated as well? If, yes then read on because you’re about to discover probably the easiest and most effective tips on the subject how to get motivated to do or achieve literally anything you wish. It’s not that hard to know how to motivate yourself as long as you’re ready to make a decision that you really want to get this knowledge and imply it in your life!   Everything is at the distance of your mental touch as it is all in your mind!     Before we’ll move on to our life shifting tips about motivation please watch this short and very interesting video, which will help you understand why we sabotage so often and how to break out from this hopeless circle and finally start to be able to get motivated!   Its’s quite eye opening, isn’t it? It is crucial to deeply understand all of that powerful message if you’re […]

Does The Law Of Attraction Really Work?

Published on March 24, 2014 By Marcin

Most people are not aware of the power of thought or dismiss the Law of Attraction as a myth. Nothing could be further from the truth: we become what we think about.   Knowing how to imply in life The Law Of Attraction is very valuable skill which can make all your dreams come true.  “Thoughts Are Things” – Napoleon Hill wrote it in his famous book “Think and Grow Rich” a few decades ago. Yet to this day not many people understand its profundity. To someone who might not be familiar with the concept of manifestation, it seems like a nonsensical statement or even absurd! But to a success conscious individual, it is a powerful statement and within, it contains life’s most precious secret. Main principle of The Law Of Attraction says that Everything starts with a thought. The Wright brothers had a thought about making flying a reality. Soon enough it became a reality for them and we are the beneficiaries. Donald Trump had a thought of being rich which led him to the right people, right opportunities that helped him along the way and he became rich. Bill Gate had an idea (thought) about making the computer easy to operate and accessible to everyone. His thought manifested. These men (and women) and many other successful individuals understand the most fundamental law: The Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that similar things attract to one another, thus, the saying birds of a feather flock together. If everything begins with thought and the Law of Attraction plays a big role in manifesting the thought, then it can be described as follows: A thought  attracts other similar thoughts and other people of similar thoughts. Then circumstances that are in harmony with those thoughts are being attracted as well which leads to physical expression of things designed by those thoughts. At the level of thought things are nothing but random energy waiting to be assembled. Yet they are as real as electricity is real. We can’t see electricity, but we know beyond shadows of a doubt that it exists. We also know that thoughts are real because everything that has ever been invented or created in our physical world began with a thought. The manifestation of the “thing” from the invisible plane into our physical world is enabled by the persistence of thought. Scientists teach us that the whole universe is made of energy. Energy has frequencies. Thoughts are energy in its primitive stage. Thought energies radiate frequencies just as radio antennas radiate frequencies. The level of thought frequency determines the kind of physical manifestation and circumstance that we have; low thought frequencies correspond to the physical expression of similar frequencies while high thought frequencies correspond to things, people, or circumstance of similar frequencies. The key to keep in mind is that thoughts are as real as any physical thing. You must be completely convinced as that it is so just as you are convinced that the earth is round. Hold your thoughts […]